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The Cincinnati Fantasy Group (CFG) and its less-organized precursors have been home to greater Cincinnati science fiction fandom since 1935.  We sponsor an annual convention, Midwestcon (paused, alas, for the duration), held the last full weekend in June.  With occasional exceptions -- when a particular convention depletes the stock of probable attendees too severely, or when an unwitting sucker a willing host can't be found -- club meetings are held every other week at the home of one or another member.

Newcomers are always welcome.  For more information about the club, please contact: our Dictator (aka "president for life or until we say he doesn't have to be anymore"), Bill Cavin; our Secretary, Debbie Oakes; or our quick-responding occasionally-distracted lazy-ass Web Geek, Scott Street.  (If the subject field is empty, please enter the phrase "Club Info Request".)

We are proud to count among our number several local writers. Turns out they are much like everyone else, though somewhat more likely to experience a flareup of carpal tunnel (and perhaps a tad more cynical after years of dealing with the publishing industry). Visit their websites! Buy their books! And on those occasions when they're able to put down the keyboard, step away from the computer, and attend one of our meetings, come see them at play!

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