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Site Production Notes

This site is currently maintained (and expanded) using an Apple iBook G4/1GHz/14. Previous machines used in site development were: a PowerMac 7200/75; a Powerbook 5300; a Powerbook G3/250 (original style); and a Umax J600 (Macintosh clone).
All pages within this site were created using Pagespinner, "The HTML Editor for MacOS" from Optima System.
Most graphic manipulation was done using Lemke Software's Graphic Converter.
Text graphics and image compositing were done with Adobe Photoshop.
Portions of this site requiring frequent update are processed from database form using Tex-Edit Plus, a small but featureful word processing program from Trans-Tex Software, and AppleScript.
File uploads are performed using Transmit, an FTP program from Panic LLC.

Site design by Scott Street, a member of the HTML Writers Guild

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