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A nother year, another Midwestcon. Number 68 will be held the weekend of June 22-25, 2017. Be brave. Join now. Before we fall and can't get up....

O ur last Octocon -- Octocon 38 -- was held a few several many years ago. Its future appears dim non-existent. But one never knows...

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T he following list is subject (but not likely) to change without notice.  Updates will be made in as timely a manner as possible, but keeping current is your responsibility.  You Have Been Warned.  All meetings take place on Saturdays, and begin at 8 PM unless otherwise indicated.  Addresses and further information are available directly from those hosts for whom an E-mail link is provided, or from the club through the date link.

Any column-spanning items are conventions. Where not otherwise indicated by a date and host(s), these preempt the meeting that would otherwise have been held that Saturday.

11 Mar 2017
25 Mar 2017
Debbie Oakes & Mary Ann Oakes
08 Apr 2017
- host(s) wanted -
22 Apr 2017
- host(s) wanted -
06 May 2017
- host(s) wanted -
Friday, May 12-Sunday, May 14, 2017
Columbus, OH
20 May 2017
- host(s) wanted -
03 Jun 2017
- host(s) wanted -
17 Jun 2017
- host(s) wanted -
Midwestcon 68
Thursday, Jun 22 - Sunday, Jun 25 2017
Cincinnati, OH

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Current ( E-mailable and/or < W >ebsited) Members

Guy Allen
Sid Altus
Ken Amos
Lynne Aronson
Mark Aronson
Cokie Bailey
Michael Banks <W>
Chris Barkley
Carolyn Barricklow
Stacy Bender
Christopher L. Bennet
Ric Bergman
Jason Berns
Bill Bohle
( Alex Boster ) <W>
Alan Bowman
John "JB" Brooksbank
Karol Brown
Jeff Calhoun
Tanya Carter
Bill Cavin
Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper
Naomi Cowan
Jane Dennis <W>
Jane Dennis
Scott Dennis <W>
Scott Dennis
Erika Donat
John Donat
John Donat
Kristen Donat
Michelle Donat
Michelle Donat
Carolyn Doyle
Jamie Driscoll
Bob Dundes
Carla Dundes
Anne Evans
Naomi Fisher
Steve Francis
Sue Francis
D. Gary Grady
Anne KG Gray
Anne KG Gray
Brian Gray
Brian Gray
Gay Haldeman
Joe Haldeman
John Harris
Lynn Harris
Robert Hess

Polly Ireton
Polly Ireton
Cullen Johnson
Frank Johnson
Michael Johnson
Roger Jordan
Lorraine Kawecki
Margaret Keifer
Karen Kelley
Sally Kobee
Melissa Konigsdorfer
Robert Langenderfer
Denise Parsley Leigh
Devon Leigh
Megen Leigh
Steve Leigh <W>
Rebecca Levin
Mark Linneman
Drew MacDonald
Yvonne MacDonald
Juli Marr
Andy Miller
Reid Minnich
Patrick Molloy
Jack Nimersheim
Susan Nimersheim
Deborah Oakes
Mary Ann Oakes
Wayne Perin
Gary Plumlee
Carol Resnick
Laura Resnick <W>
Mike Resnick <W>
Lezli Robyn
Dave Rowe
Bruce Schneier
Bruce Schneier
Pat Sims
Roger Sims
Alex Sinclair
Christa Sinclair
Dick Smith <W>
Dick Smith
Larry Smith
Leah Zeldes Smith
Leah Zeldes Smith
Scott Street
Lois Wellinghurst
Richard Wellinghurst
Don Wenzel
Hania Wojtowicz <W>
Hania Wojtowicz <W>
Joel Zakem

Please report any changes of @dress in the preceding to the Web Geek

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