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An organization as old as the CFG should have generated a lot of photodocumentation (like the image just below). And it has. But it seems that most of what originated on film has yet to cross the digital divide. We have hopes, though, and plans. As time and opportunity (and access) allow, we will post more. So watch the skies -- keep watching the skies!

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Arthur C. Clark, Hal Shapiro, Randall Garrett
Arthur C. Clarke,
Hal [You Can't Make This Stuff Up™] Shapiro,
and Randall Garrett
Midwestcon 2 (1951)
-- Photo by Dean Grennell --
(We are unable to confirm rumors that Mr. Garrett described this con experience as "more fun than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick." Archival research continues....)

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[This Old Midwestcon]
"Midwestcon Zero"  -1949-  Not actually a con, this impromptu gathering (hastily arranged at the end of Cinvention) set the stage for the future.
Midwestcon Two  -1951-  Several well-known faces...

[The Unusual Suspects]
Margaret's Own #1  --  Pictures of Us from the archives of one of our oldest most senior longest-standing members.

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