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Original program book created by Stanley C. Skirvin

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What follows is a page-by-page list of the contents of the Cinvention program book, with a link to each page (or page pair) described. (Once you've accessed any page, the rest are accessible through a menu at the bottom of each page.) At least 90% is given over to ads, of the following types:

  • {AD: size} indicates a (professional or amateur) commercial ad;
  • {BID: ...) indicates an ad in support of a world- (or other) con bid;
  • {SUPPORT: ...} indicates a personal or club ad which may (but does not necessarily) express solidarity with the worldcon; and
  • {SUBSIDY} indicates a typewritten fill-up-the-book ad placed by a CFG member or known fellow traveler.
All page images are displayed at approximately 70% of their scanned size, and some features -- particularly typewritten text -- are distorted a bit in the process. To download the full size originals (in JPEG [cover stock] and GIF formats) for viewing with your own graphics-editing software, right-click (Windows 95) or click-and-hold (Windows 3.x/Macintosh) the image and select the "Save Image As..." option from the pop-up menu.

Page Size Contents
Front Cover 119K Deco-style "World of Tomorrow" view of Cincinnati, by Lee Greenwell
Inside FC 170K Greeting from Charles R. Tanner, the official convention Chairman
Page 01 28K Part 1 (of 2) of the convention membership list
Page 02 26K Part 2 (of 2) of the convention membership list;
Cincinnati Fantasy Group members not pictured on the next page
Page 03 39K Two photos of the CFG's members
Page 04 10K {SUPPORT: half page} A.E. van Vogt and E. Mayne Hull;
{SUPPORT: half page} Ted Carnell / "British Fandom" / Nova Publications Ltd
Page 05 12K {AD: full page} Astounding Science Fiction (Nov49 issue)
Page 06 20K {AD: half page} Donald E. Ford, Bookdealer;
{SUPPORT: half page} Harold E. Shapiro
Page 07 20K {AD: full page} Shasta Publishers
Page 08 16K {AD: full page} Acres of Books (local bookstore)
Page 09 32K {SUPPORT: full page} The Fantasy Artisans Club
Page 10 10K {SUPPORT: full page} The Fortean Society
Page 11 16K {SUBSIDY: 1/3 page} Don Ford & family;
{AD/SUPPORT: 1/3 page} Planet Stories;
{SUPPORT: 1/3 page} Central New York Science-Fantasy Society
Page 12 27K (SUPPORT: full page} Michigan Science-Fantasy Society
Page 13 11K {AD: full page} Associated Fantasy Publishers (multiple small publishers)
Page 14 11K {AD: full page} James A. Williams -- Books (Philadelphia)
Page 15 7K {SUPPORT: full page} "Foo"
Page 16 38K {AD: full page} Fantasy-Times
Page 17 22K {SUPPORT: 2/3 page} The MacInnes clan;
{AD: 1/6 page} Cocheco Libraries (Dover, NH);
{AD: 1/6 page} Ohio Bookstore (local)
Page 18 30K {AD: half page} The Gnome Press;
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} Eph Konigsberg;
{SUBSIDY} Lou Tabakow;
{SUBSIDY} Charlie Tanner;
{SUBSIDY} Mrs. Florence Anderson;
{SUBSIDY} Dale Tarr;
Uncredited writing fragment (probably by Dale Tarr)
Page 19 16K {AD: full page} Rinehart & Company (mystery novels by Wilson Tucker)
Page 20 10K {SUPPORT: full page} The National Fantasy Fan Federation
Page 21 26K {AD: full page} Dirk Wylie Literary Agents
Page 22 17K {"BID": full page, landscape} "Montreal in '77"
Page 23 12K {SUPPORT: full page} Martin E. Alger
Page 24 14K {SUPPORT: full page} The Eastern Science Fiction Association (Newark, NJ)
Page 25 33K {AD: full page} Fantasy Press
Page 26 42K {BID: full page} "Portland in '50" worldcon (1 of 4)
Page 27 19K {BID: full page} "Portland in '50" worldcon (2 of 4)
Page 28 38K {BID: full page} "Portland in '50" worldcon (3 of 4)
Page 29 40K {BID: full page} "Portland in '50" worldcon (4 of 4)
Pages 30-31 20K Convention programming (double page / landscape)
Page 32 12K {SUPPORT: full page} The Washington Science-Fiction Association
Page 33 15K {SUPPORT: half page} Stanley C. Skirvin;
{SUPPORT: half page} "Compliments of a friend"
Pages 34-35 35K {AD: double page / portrait} Arkham House: Publishers
Page 36 20K {AD: half page} Stephen's Book Service (NYC);
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} Harry A. Burt, Jr.;
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} John Wainwright;
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} Ted Forbes;
{AD: 1/16 page} Futurian Book Services / Weird Unsolved Mysteries (NYC);
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} Victor Stott;
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} Louise Leipiar;
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} Th' Youn' Foo;
{SUPPORT: 1/16 page} Joe Salta
Page 37 27K {AD: 2/3 page} The Gnome Press (publisher);
{SUPPORT: 1/3 page} Washington State Fantasy Fans
Page 38 19K {AD: full page} The Prime Press [publisher]
Page 39 32K {BID: full page} "New York in 1950" -- The Queens Science Fiction League
Page 40 14K {SUPPORT: full page} The Philadelphia Science Fiction Society
Page 41 29K {AD: full page} The Grandon Company (publisher)
Page 42 14K {SUPPORT: full page} The Los Angeles Science Fiction Society
Page 43 28K {AD: half page} Bookman's of Washington D.C.;
{AD: half page} The Fantasy Book Club
Page 44 37K (SUPPORT: full page} The Derelicts
Page 45 27K {AD: full page} Booklovers Bargain House (bookseller; Little Rock, AR)
Page 46 27K {AD: half page} Cosmos Publishing Company;
{SUPPORT: half page} The Outlanders of Southern California
Page 47 30K {AD: full page} Fantasy Advertiser
Page 48 35K {AD: full page} Merlin Press Inc.
Page 49 16K {AD: full page} Fantasy-News
Page 50 22K {AD: full page} Niel De Jack (bookhunter)
Page 51 11K {AD: full page} Coronet Book Shop (New Orleans)
Page 52 20K {AD: full page} Fantasy Publishing Company, Inc.
Page 53 10K {AD: half page} Science, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Amateur Press;
{SUPPORT: half page} Science Fiction International
Page 54 27K {BID: full page} "The Nolacon in 1950" -- The New Orleans Science Fantasy Society
Page 55 45K {AD: half page} Coswal's Fantasy Attic (Walter A. Coslet);
{AD: half page} Futurian Book Service
Page 56 25K {AD: full page} Serrano Publishers
Inside BC 119K Letter to convention members from Don Ford, the actual convention Chairman
Back Cover 60K {AD: full page} King's News

The CFG's Web Geek wishes to thank Stan Skirvin, Margaret (Ford) Kiefer, Roger & Pat Sims, and Bill Bowers for their assistance in sorting out the "who's who" of the non-commercial ads.

How this program book came to be part of the CFG's online Cinvention record is something of a wonder in itself.

During the 1997 Octocon, another CFG member told the Web Geek that he'd spotted the booklet in a local used book store. Wasting no time, the Web Geek scurried over the following Monday and snatched it up for a comparative pittance. Quickly digitized, it then languished for some time while the Web Geek dealt with other, more pressing matters. When he found time to return to it shortly after New Year's, though, he ran into a serious problem: how to categorize (and contextualize) the contents. The commercial (whether amateur or professional) and convention bid ads were easy to define. But the rest...?

Some had graphics, some contained hand-lettering, some were merely typewritten names: what was going on here? The Web Geek found himself in well over his head, and with only limited help from the latter named in the acknowledgement above. Then, on a Saturday afternoon in late February 1998, when it was his turn that evening to host the CFG's (more or less) biweekly meeting, the phone rang: "Hello, is this [Web Geek]? My name is Stan Skirvin..."

Long since relocated to Arizona, Stan had come back to Cincinnati to attend a funeral. While here, he had called old friends in the CFG who informed him of the meeting...and the rest, as they say, is history. Fan history. Explicated.

Thanks, Drew...

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