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The "Fan Solidarity" Booklist

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After World War II, most European countries -- including the United Kingdom, and by extension many of the Commonwealth members -- imposed currency restrictions on their citizens. Not only was taking money outside the country prohibited, it was equally illegal to send it out on its own in the form of subscription or other purchase payments. As you might suspect, this put a serious crimp in the stfnal reading habits of fans who continued to live under rationing well after the hostilities had ceased.

When the Cinvention had totaled up its revenues and subtracted its expenses, a tidy surplus remained. (Not exactly unheard of these days, of course, but consider this: the final accounting was completed and announced before the convention ended.) After some discussion, the membership voted to allocate $300 dollars for the purchase of stfnal print goods, to be divided evenly between the fans of England and Australia.

The final choices were left in the hands of Cinvention manager Don Ford. To simplify the process, he simply bought two of everything until the money ran out. What follows is a complete listing of the contents of the literary "Care" packages sent to the fen of two continents in 1950.

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All books marked [OP] are thought to be Out of Print.
Please report any corrections to the Web Geek: (webgeek@cfg.org).

Cynthia Asquith  -  [OP] This Mortal Coil
Jack Bechdolt  -  [OP] The Torch
Eando Binder  -  [OP] Lords of Creation
Algernon Blackwood  -  [OP] The Doll and One Other
Everett F. Bleiler & T.E. Dikty, eds.  -  [OP] The Best Science-Fiction Stories 1949
Everett F. Bleiler, ed.  -  [OP] The Checklist of Fantastic Literature {nf}
Nelson Bond  -  The 31st of February [a.c]
 -  [OP] Exiles of Time
Ray Bradbury  -  [OP] Dark Carnival
John W. Campbell, Jr.  -  Who Goes There? [a.c] [b&n] [bamm]
A.E. Coppard  -  [OP] Fearful Pleasures
L. Sprague deCamp  -  [OP] Divide and Rule
 -  Lest Darkness Fall
    (in LDF & To Bring the Light [a.c] [b&n] [bamm])
 -  [OP] The Wheels of If
L. Sprague deCamp & Fletcher Pratt  -  [OP] The Carnelian Cube
Lester del Rey  -  [OP] ...And Some Were Human
August Derleth  -  [OP] H.P.L.: A Memoir {?nf}
 -  [OP] In Re: Sherlock Holmes
 -  [OP] Not Long for This World
 -  [OP] Something Near
August Derleth, ed.  -  [OP] The Arkham Sampler: Vol. One, 1948
 -  [OP] The Arkham Sampler: Vol. Two, 1949
 -  [OP] Dark of the Moon
 -  [OP] The Sleeping & The Dead
 -  [OP] Strange Ports of Call
Lord Dunsany  -  [OP] The Fourth Book of Jorkens
L.P. Hartley  -  [OP] The Travelling Grave and Other Stories
Robert A. Heinlein  -  Beyond This Horizon [a.c] [b&n] [bamm]
 -  The Man Who Sold the Moon [a.c] [b&n] [bamm]
William Hope Hodgson  -  Carnacki the Ghost Finder [b&n]
    (in All Gothic 2 [a.c] [b&n] [bamm])
 -  The House on the Borderland [a.c] [b&n] [bamm]
Robert E. Howard  -  [OP] Skull-Face and Others
L. Ron Hubbard  -  Slaves of Sleep
    (in Slaves of Sleep & Masters of Sleep [b&n] [bamm])
Carl Jacobi  -  [OP] Revelations in Black
David H. Keller, M.D.  -  [OP] The Homunculus
Fritz Leiber  -  [OP] Night's Black Agents
Murray Leinster  -  Sidewise in Time
    (in First Contacts: The Essential ML [a.c] [b&n] [bamm])
Frank Belknap Long  -  [OP] The Hounds of Tindalos
H.P. Lovecraft  -  [OP] Best Supernatural Stories of H.P. Lovecraft
H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth  -  The Lurker at the Threshold [a.c] [b&n] [bamm]
Frank Owen  -  [OP] The Porcelain Magician
Alexander M. Phillips  -  [OP] The Mislaid Charm
Seabury Quinn  -  [OP] Roads
Eric Frank Russell  -  [OP] Sinister Barrier
Clark Ashton Smith  -  [OP] Genius Loci and Other Tales
E.E. "Doc" Smith  -  [OP] Skylark of Valeron
 -  [OP] Skylark Three
 -  [OP] Spacehounds of IPC
 -  Triplanetary [a.c] [b&n] [bamm]
George O. Smith  -  [OP] Nomad
 -  [OP] Venus Equilateral
Theodore Sturgeon  -  [OP] Without Sorcery
John Taine  -  [OP] Forbidden Garden
H.R. Wakefield  -  The Clock Strikes 12
    (in The Clock Strikes 12 and Other Stories [a.c])
Evangeline Walton  -  [OP] Witch House
Donald Wandrei  -  [OP] The Web of Easter Island
Stanley G. Weinbaum  -  [OP] The Black Flame
 -  [OP] A Martian Odyssey
Henry S. Whitehead  -  [OP] West India Lights
Jack Williamson  -  Darker Than You Think [a.c] [b&n] [bamm]
S. Fowler Wright  -  [OP] The World Below
Arthur Leo Zagat  -  [OP] Seven Out of Time

[ t o p   o f   p a g e ]

Scrolling through the preceding list, you can scarcely have missed one overwhelming fact: how pitifully few of its sixty-two items are currently in print.

This is to some extent understandable. Over the course of fifty years, a good-sized chunk of the contents were bound to do a popularity fade. Tastes change -- and not everything that looks like a classic in its year of publication has the legs to outpace those changes.

But Ray Bradbury? Lester del Rey? Fritz Leiber? "Doc" Smith? Or Theodore Sturgeon? These remain names of power, with appreciable and still-appreciated bodies of work. So why have so many of their entries disappeared from the "in-print" column?

["Mind you, doctor..."] Well, inventory taxes discourage the maintenance of a slow-selling backlist, and the notorious long-term instability of federal tax law encourages a focus on quick-sellthrough blockbusters. Mostly, though, it's "out of sight, out of mind." You can't squeeze blood out of a stone -- and you can't squeeze promotional tie-ins out of a headstone.

Publishing is a business, it's true, and needs to be run as such. But one can still hope there will always be room for the marginal player who is willing to accept a slightly narrower immediate profit margin for the sake of a slightly wider long-term historical perspective.

One can, alas, sometimes also dream on...

--The CFG's Web Geek
(whose opinions, however well-founded, are his own and not necessarily those of the club...)

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